Cranberry Relish

I always love to use what I have on hand and recently I had about two cups of left over cranberries and some oranges (both winter favorites!) and thought, “Hum, what can I do?”

This recipe came from a friend of my mother’s, however in researching it I found it is a classic recipe that has been around for ages, it seems, and was once popular on the back of cranberry packages every fall ahead of the Thanksgiving season.

12 oz of cranberries (roughly a cup and a half)
1 orange whole
1 cup sugar

Cut orange into smaller sections and remove seeds if needed. Add cranberries and the whole orange (peel and all) into a blender and pulse until chopped. Add in sugar and continue chopping until you have a nice texture.

A reminder, always wash your produce, and with this recipe you’ll want to refrigerate it between making it and using it.

Great over poultry and I’ve even eaten it as a salsa with corn chips. I think next time I’m going to add in some jalapeños for a little heat. I’d love to hear how you use this recipe or if it’s been one your family has enjoyed (like my mom’s friend) for years.