Come on to My House: Recipe: Lemoncello and Orangecello

orangecello beauty shadows
peeling oranges
adding vodka

Lemoncello and Orangecello is a classic Italian liqueur but you can make your own version at home using vodka, citrus, and simple syrup. Check out our video above!

2 cups + of citrus rinds (the less pith the better, I found that mini Mandarin oranges worked best and used the peel of 15 of them)
1 liter of vodka
…pour vodka over rinds and allow to sit for five days on countertop. I found that using a container with a lid worked best and would swirl the mixture several times a day to help infuse the flavors.

2 cups of our simple syrup recipe
…on the fifth day, add simple syrup to the mixture and allow to sit for another 24 hours.

On the last day, decant the mixture through a mesh strainer and then pour into decorative containers. Refrigerate and use for a month or so. Your mixture may become a bit cloudy as the sugar gets cold but shake the bottle and it usually dissipates into the mixture again.

This is lovely sipped after dinner in small amounts or used in cocktails. Our favorite, adding the orangecello to cranberry juice and garnishing with an orange wedge. We also like using the lemoncello in a lemondrop martini.