Come on to My House: Entertaining Ideas: Greenery Centerpiece

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The idea for this centerpiece was seriously born out of necessity. It was New Year’s Eve (many New Year’s Eves ago) and I was chatting with friends about our evening plans. This led to an impromptu decision to host a drop in at our tiny little cottage.

Short on time, I looked around for what I had on had to set a pretty table. I turned to fresh greens cut from the yard as well as a box of mix and match stemware that I kept for some reason (now I’m thankful that I did because I use them several times per year).

Some tips:
+Sometimes tea candles don’t float because the hole of the wick is not sealed on the bottom. Drip some wax over the bottom and that often seals them.
+Add a tablespoon or less of water to the base of your votive candle holders to keep wax from sticking (or sticking as bad).
+Let the candles cool and the wax solidify before moving them to keep wax from splashing on the sides.
+Turn stems up and glasses down as a base for larger candles.
+Champagne flutes make great hosts for taper candles. Just melt some of the candle bottom until soft and press it into the bottom of the flute.
+Adding in some LED lights works well with the greenery as you can hide the battery packs under the leaves.

While this arrangement has a very wintery feel, you can change this style out for any time of the year with floral greenery including tropical leaves. Add in pops of roses or other flowers for Mother’s Day. Maybe work in some colorful leaves for autumn. The idea is limited only by your imagination.

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