Come on to My House: Recipe: Simple Syrup

I love when something tastes AMAZING and then you find out the secret ingredient is something super simple. And in the case of my beloved Lavender Latte I found out that the ingredient is indeed simple, as in simple syrup.

To make lavender simple syrup you need THREE things: (1) lavender essential oil, (2) water, (3) sugar. Yup, that’s it. Where do you find lavender essential oil? I found mine online but I have also purchased it at a natural foods store or in a natural food section of a big box store. A bottle will last quite a while (and hey, it’s also great in a defuser to bring a calm and relaxed feel to a room).

Follow my step-by-step recipe for making your own lavender simple syrup and give it a try in coffee, prosecco, or cocktails this season.

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