Come on to My House: Crafts: Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments 2018

I love walking through the aisle of a craft store and looking at all the little goodies… like these mini canvases which got my mind to thinking. Hum, I have some craft paper at home from scrapbooking, some spray paint, and Mod Podge (WITH glitter!), not to mention some ribbon. I bet I could whip up some Christmas ornaments to compliment our gifts to neighbors and tutors and all sorts of people.

So, I freehand drew some snowmen and Christmas trees, and I cut out a mini-snowflake (and whoops, forgot to take photos of that part) but if you don’t feel confident in your freehand just find some free clipart online and use that as a guide.

And there you have it. I let the ornaments sit for a few days to really harden up and then gently brushed off any “strings” created by the hot glue using a soft cloth.

You can apply this design to other canvases. I recently used it to create some adorable unicorn canvases for my girlfriends. See that project here!

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